Contemporary Techno Structures w/ Marcus Henriksson & Vataff Project

The next edition of Contemporary Techno Structures will take place on Saturday, Feb 17th at Sofia’s Mixtape5, A-side. Expect a night full of finest experimental and psychedelic techno deviations.

We are looking forward to hearing the first bits from a new collaboration by Marcus Henriksson (aka Minilogue, Son Kite, Nobody Home) and Victor Marinov (Vataff Project, Victor’s Mob, Dve Cupeta) who will present a hybrid live/DJ performance.

For the occasion, CTS is welcoming back a good old friend - Ness (TGP, The Gods Planet) - who will be responsible for the closing hours of the journey, meanwhile the opening act will be done by the fellow Artmospherians Kliment and Cinnamint showcasing the latest patterns of their common project “idmt". VJs for the night: Aksvenur and minimaleye.

The doors will open at 22h30. Tickets at the gate - regular price: 23bgn, Artmospheric mailing list discount price: 20bgn (in order to get into the list please answer to the February 2018 newsletter, specifying first + last name of the person you would like to add).

Marcus Henriksson and Vataff Project  live/DJ

Marcus Henriksson signature; Musical vibrations that brings forth the inner journey. Painting landscapes and images for the dancer and listener to travel within. Journeys not bound by styles. Authentic electronic dance music connected to nature.

Marcus Henriksson is also known as Minilogue and Son Kite. He has released 8 albums and over 80 vinyl singles and toured the world with since 1999. He has done many musical collaborations during the years; with artists such as Karl Axel Bissler, System 7, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert and many more. Marcus started his musical career as a dj 1993. It was the year he fell in love with the Rave culture.

Nature, music, meditation, yoga, shamanism, and his 24+ years experience in the dance music scene makes him a unique artist with his own musical expression.

Today Marcus is touring the world under his own name. Expressing music in all kinds of ways as live artist and dj. Creating unique dance music journeys not bound by styles or trends but with loving intention to inspire and ignite the spirit within.

"Vataff Project" is a mix of a electronic music basis, electronic beat and traditional bulgarian instruments and visual performance. The project has its own and specific sound although it contains elements of psychedelic-techno, triphop, ambient.

The music of "Vataff" leads to profound feelings of ecstasy, dance and ritual which come from the ancient times, the present and the future. The permanent development and evolution of sound, the search for states going beyond the field of matrix forms and images are basic tendencies set in the project's idea. "Vataff Project" is initiated by Victor Marinov /Victor's Mob/ during the fall of 2001 and has appeared on many international stages all over the world.

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Ness  TGP

Ness began his electronic music journey in the late 90's and his evolving interest and passion soon encouraged him to start a dj career experimenting with various genres – from trance to pure experimental. With a background in sound engineering and many years of research and fine-tuning, he gradually developed a distinct personal style with a strong focus on atmosphere combined with hypnotic vibes. In 2007 he opened his own record store in his hometown in Sardinia (Italy) and 2 years later he founded his first label - Mono Records.

Acknowledged for his individual style, Ness has worked with labels like Phorma (Sweden), Synewave (USA), Dynamic Reflection (The Netherlands), M_Rec Ltd. (Italy), Informa (UK), Prologue (Germany), etc. and collaborated with artists like Claudio PRC half member of The Gods Planet, Deepbass, Attemporal, Rasmus Hedlund, etc.

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idmt  live

idmt is a joint project of Kliment Dichev (Kliment) and Mikhail Stoyanov (Cinnamint) from Artmospheric. They will take you for a panoramic sound walk among experimental dimensions of the micro and macro universe, combining elements of ambient techno, IDM and autonomic bass music.

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