Controne Releases

Sektor's idm/ambient netlabel Controne released its first two digital EPs. You can find them on

[posted on 2006-11-01]

Controne Netlabel Opening

0957f76e69f3795f457904798d04dcb4 29.IX - 1.X. Controne netlabel opening @ Ruy mountain, Bulgaria, near Yugoslavian border, 1500m above the sea level.

[posted on 2006-09-14]

V.A. - Port 1

New Bulgarian ambient compilation released - V.A. - "Port 1".

[posted on 2006-08-10]

SkyNomad Open 2006

36acddb6e246de06741f61eeed6962d6 5-12th of August, Sopot. Internation paragliding event. Musical program by Artmospheric.

[posted on 2006-07-31]

Surbahar - Watersong

Music: Pavel Stoytchev, video: Vasil Stoilov.

[posted on 2006-07-12]

Struma and Trinoga 2006

First artmospheric events - Struma & Trinoga - june 2006.

[posted on 2006-07-01]

Osictone live @ Struma

Osictone's live act from Artmospheric Struma open air event.

[posted on 2006-06-29]

Water Tower 2006

Ee487395f5f76a629e3974177232cadf Under the Manucipalty of Sofia culture citizen initiatives , NGO -IME is presenting a social event with the aim of cleaning the areaaround the Water Tower. The event along with musical perfromance and avisual show will be happening end of June 2006 .
With the DJ session by "Astro+prism" Newcastle, UK (Nicola and Kelly Lumley) DJ/VJ/PRODUCER TEAM

[posted on 2006-06-26]

Kliment ambient live for Tilos Radio

Kliment ambient live for Tilos Radio, 30.05.06

[posted on 2006-06-15]

Trinoga Open Artmosphere

A5a12b7190c112f402cbbc157b74a090 Open air event located at Balkan Mountain - Trinoga eco village.

[posted on 2006-06-06]

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