#6 - Surbahar live from India Tour 2009

5ba30f334ed3606df7087ae274dc7f6c_313 After our august break, we are back with a live recording from Surbahar's India Tour 2009 (live @ Kosmo).

[posted on 2009-09-20]

10 years Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Centre

25.07.09, 19h, Summer Stage @ Borisova Gradina
concert: Quantone | live electronics: IIpor Surbahar | dj set: Dickie

[posted on 2009-07-24]

#5 - Halojo @ Artmospheric Festival 2009

2943222b242a2b883bcd58a0092e30f1_695 Some beautiful melodic idm classics played by Halojo at Artmospheric Festival 2009.

[posted on 2009-07-23]

trx - mist chances lp

7037b95008e82f9aa07e311b92e5e3f9 info: Jisatsuken.org
One of Jisatsuken’s most valuable artists - Trx from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, has a new full-time release in our catalogue, called “mist chances” LP. This time Trx is clearing away much of the mist and darkness covering his debut release and reveals many chances as he feels them that the positive side of life will eventually overcome.

[posted on 2009-07-17]

Beglika Fest 09

1b41ed2468e2b3311573d6c31eb3302c August 5-9th 2009
2nd edition of Beglika Festival will take place on the coast of Beglika Dam in the middle of Rhodopes Mountain. Detailed information available on beglika.org

[posted on 2009-07-10]

#4 - Joro Paskalev @ Artmospheric Festival 2009

Fd469656724f4feb365e63b0b30bf5c5_903 One of the finest techno specialists around - Joro Paskalev and his live set from Artmospheric Festival 2009.

[posted on 2009-07-01]

Ghostly International's 10-year Anniversary Tour feat. Lusine

9327aecce171d073d500cb35b1d99ce0 27.06.2009, somewhere around Sofia.
Presented by 3Por & Skruts Multimedia // supported by Artmospheric. Info tba

[posted on 2009-06-12]

Water Tower 2009

F04f412221eedbf59758d1fc1921d6c3 June 12-21st, Water tower in Lozenets, Sofia. More info here.

[posted on 2009-06-10]

#3 - Lackluster and Esa Ruoho live at Artmospheric Fest 2009

B90ec00807ff8fb7b9b27c8f3040036c_728 #003 is a double Artmospheric Session: Lackluster + Esa Ruoho live acts recorded @ Artmospheric Festival 2009.

[posted on 2009-06-09]

Artmospheric Festival 2009

Artmospheric2009-preview-front-en_523 Next edition of Artmospheric Festival will take place from May 29th - May 31st 2009 in the heart of West Balkan Mountain, near Izdremetz peak and the biofarm of Chemernik.

The musical program features typical Artmospheric journeys through ambient, dub, psybient, progressive & psy trance, idm, microsound, techno. Among our goals is to show that electronic dance music could also be deep and intelligent.

Our very special guests will be Italian deep techno master Donato Dozzy (Wagon Repair, Aguaplano), as well as one of the biggest names in IDM scene - Lackluster from Finland. (Equaldreams, deFocus, Merck). Sunday program includes Second Face, the solo project of Emil Biljarski (Korai Orom, Trigrad project).

[posted on 2009-05-01]

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