#24 - Refracted at Contemporary Techno Structures Sofia

Contemporary-techno-structures-oct-2013-sc900 Usually, there is no recordings from the most memorable parties. Or, in case not everything is lost, there is a problem.

Refracted's gig at Contemporary Techno Structures in Sofia is not an exception. The random clicks and crackles coming from the recording device are not an issue compared to the fact that the whole region between minutes 62 and 108 is mono, but this doesn't in the least detract from the indian charm of this musical journey.

We are looking forward to our next meeting with Alex in July at Artmospheric, which is a perfect surrounding for that tribal hypnotica.

[posted on 2014-05-09]

Surbahar - Artmosphericus Bulgaricus

10245476_10152356151794648_3725064969579783851_n This week Beattunes radio has broadcasted Surbahar's latest mix featuring selection of Bulgarian idm, ambient and psychill music.

[posted on 2014-04-21]

#23 - Scav

Artmospheric-sessions-23-scav_56 After almost half a year without updates, we finally found the time to renew the series with the kind assistance of Scav.

The main brain behind Acoustic Waves, who is also an important part of Artmospheric crew for the last few years, puts together a refined selection of high-resolution mellow downtempo/IDM stuff in his second Artmospheric Session.

[posted on 2013-11-27]

#22 - Tengui - In Dark Meadows

Picture002_84 Number 22 has been especially prepared by Tengui and it comes along with the announcement of his participation in this year's festival which is actually gonna be his third time at Artmospheric.

[posted on 2013-05-04]

#21 - Polygon Ring at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Polygon-ring-about-to-push-the-button_55 The news for Mr Henke's upcoming visit bring us a lot of experimental spirit, and it seems like a perfect moment for another idm-oriented session. Once again, a recording from last year's festival, and this one is a dj set from Polygon Ring who is among the most trusted fine noise suppliers around, and a regular Artmospheric contributor.

[posted on 2013-03-21]

I. R. I. S. - A Billion Year Voyage

176611_10151175209921725_64507938_o I.R.I.S. is a collaboration between Therapist and AuroraX, it stands for Iridescent Rain In Space and outer space is exactly where we're going. Embark on a deep space voyage, drawn by the mysteries of The Great Attractor, an immensely dense gravitational anomaly, located 250 million light years away from our own planet. Track the solitary journey of a single spacecraft, sent on a mission to this massive object in the Centarius supercluster, passing by countless star systems, nebulae, quasars and galaxies.

[posted on 2013-01-07]

#20 - Auditory Ossicles live at Ambient Nights Outdoor

Auditory_ossicles_948 We are celebrating our 20th session with a crystal ambient masterpiece from Auditory Ossicles! The recording is taken from their live concert at Artmospheric Ambient Nights outdoor event which took place in September. Please, sit down and prepare for a 68-minute deep space meditation..

[posted on 2012-11-19]

#19 - Moutech at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Dsc_2453_174 Sunday, shortly before midnight, festival's closing night is gradually being mechanized by Moutech.

In case if you still have not heard the 17th session by P'ool, we strongly recommend checking it out first, since this one is its natural extension, and the entire combination results in an intriguing three-hour progression.

[posted on 2012-10-13]

#18 - Scav at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Linda1_298 IDM has always been a corner-stone in Artmospheric concept. Although it is far from the center of the electronic music scene, for many even a stranger, this music has its place here, with a permanent presence and talented artists over the years.

[posted on 2012-09-09]

#17 - P'ool at Artmospheric Festival 2012

Dsc_2452_0_895 The festival left behind huge amount of emotions, memories, a lot of food for thought…and also a gold collection of recordings we will have the distinct pleasure of sharing with you in the next few editions of this series.

Artmospheric Sessions # 17 flashes us back to the evening of July 15th, right after the Sunday concerts. Enjoy this seventy minute smooth mixture of mellow dub techno vinyl sound!

[posted on 2012-08-21]

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