Goethe Institut

Logo_goethe_new The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach.

We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation. We convey a comprehensive picture of Germany by providing information on Germany's cultural, social and political life...


Cdb7adae93ef11582474de964c16d002 Permaship is an experimental demonstration, education and information centre inspired by permaculture principles and techniques, which is making its first steps now.


Logo_alienworks_new_157 We are a team of young Bulgarian professionals dedicated to sound field recording and post production for cinema and television.

Delivering high quality sound for any kind of production, at all stages -
preparatory work, on set recording, sound design, music and final mix...

9fbced066f9fcdc591ac13cbb761375f “ЗВУК ОТ ЗАПАДА OOД –” is a bulgarian company founded by passionate people with solid combined experience in the show-business, music, clubbing and pro-sound industries. It specializes in professional sound services for permanent installation and rental. Highest quality equipment, skilled and artist-friendly crew, sound system maintenance – delivers an unrivaled level of service and quality. Its clients include clubs, cultural organizations, theaters, musicians, concert and event organizers.

Tea House Sofia

Logo_chaina The first tea salon in Sofia offering fine selection of over 60 teas; healthy vegetarian & vegan food; culture space with art gallery and live jazz performances and special events; calm and cozy nonsmoking atmosphere..

360 Magazine

Logo-360-bw 360’s web page is an independent online media source. Apart from displaying the full content of 360’s printed version, will also be encompassing various additional editorial material, films, an extreme sports events calendar for the year ahead, user forums and so much more.

Tangra Eco Art Festival

Tangra_848_544 Tangrism is a philosophic trinity of the following substances – Tan (the universe), Nak (human) and Ra (God), involved into the universal, profoundly sensible philosophic formula.

The main idea of the festival is to create a mystic space on the beautiful territory among mountain rivers and ancient mountains of Bulgaria, with love, harmony, spirituality and creativity appearing in every particle and vibration, turning into the flow of primitive energy.


Logo_zoya_new At the beginning we needed to select "clean" products for us and our friends from the ever growing cosmetics production. We had to spend many days in reading and understanding the ingredients and how they affected our bodies.

ZOYA.BG came as the first Organic skincare, haircare, body & bath online shop in Bulgaria.

All products in our web site are carefully selected after examining their ingredients and personally trying them. All products marked as "Organic" are certified by Soil Association, Organic Farmers & Growers, EcoCert, USDA. ...


Logo_skymonad_845 Hey wanderer,
Come for a while to our oasis in the sky:
Here you'll enjoy one of the best sites for mountain and flatland cross-country flying in Europe. The sunny and fresh climate of Bulgaria makes the thermals strong and the cloudbase high, but if you don't know how to reach them you can join our paragliding training school or the guided tours for your hanggliding or paragliding holiday.

Tandem flights, safety training, equipment, paragliding articles, aerial photos... but we have a lot more to offer - wisdom, beauty, friendship...

It's all about flying, freedom and adventures!

Slynce Luna

1b54fa553e90cd54935038a3502fb49e Our goal is to produce quality vegetarian healthy bread & food.

So, we started a vegetarian restaurant and bakery in Sofia. The work is somewhat pleasure for us. Our bread is made from freshly ground flour and the sweets, pastries and veggie food are delicious. We are socially responsible independent network that supports projects which aim is to further develop our dream of living in better, healthier mother earth.

For The Nature

Ba2f072b9f49658c4b8c10a9da04afc1 Website for the real problems and dangers for the nature environment in Bulgaria.

Open Mind Foundation

8cbc2ae8844e4ae4e6f15d92805d591f Open Mind Foundation
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British Council, Sofia

5d23b312cde02ca994788d1fd76ab24c The British Council is the UK's leading international organisation for educational and cultural relations.

Whether you want to study in Britain, take a recognised UK exam, find out about the latest ideas from the UK, or discover what we are doing in Bulgaria - this website is the place to start.

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Embassy of Finland, Sofia

1377e1b8a6e048aa6de74a35eb680611 Did you know that Bulgaria had a Finnish prime minister? Did you also know that Finns fought in the Balkans for the freedom of Bulgaria? Bulgarians certainly do.

Common history, Finland's accomplishments in new technology, Bulgaria's position of the third most popular holiday resort in Europe and Bulgaria's EU-membership have increased bilateral knowledge and brought the two countries closer...

Svoge Municipality

Dafdfc7ad1d5c6fddcd243bcbe9b5ca7 Svoge municipality covers an area of 866 sq. km in west Bulgaria. It is situated around the defile of Iskar river, about 40 km from the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. It has a common border with Sofia municipality and the municipalities of Kostinbrod, Godech, Botevgrad, Varshetz, Vratza and Mezdra.

Df1331aa7dcfd3073ccc2b9612fcecf0 Artmospheric's online media sponsor
Onculture is a daily updated website on arts and culture. It was founded on June 2008 and is staffed by a group of experienced cultural editors specialized in internet media and freelance editors from all over Europe.


E2e026be4a7582c61e7bcc8dd54d3b26 Radio France Internationale


23e5e697035432e220113697b797f392 We are a group of people unified by the idea of using the bicycle as a gentle way to explore the stunning Bulgarian nature.

Automotor Corporation

91e99d1d73c1416c587d0cd13d116091 Citroen and "Automotor Corporation" - official distributor for Bulgaria. Foundation

33168966095bbad8ddedec3c45c97228 Foundation was established in 2005 by the board of InterSpace MAC with the mission to cover, make publicity for and develop the practices and policies in the area of art and culture. Through initiating change and actively taking part in the landscape’s restructuring and development we strive to set the public focal point we hold for a sine qua non condition for the cultural development of the country.

1001 Actions

14138377eb866702cf71c3cd765a3fd3 ‘1001 Actions’ is a major campaign initiated by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation and its network of over one thousand civil society organizations, for the mobilization of people and actions dedicated to the promotion of mutual knowledge and respect in the region.


729152a8332001932f799609ce33d683 Bulgarian web portal started on 5th of February, 2004. From it's creation till now, it is the main source of information for the Trance scene in Bulgaria. Within it you can find about upcoming parties, to browse photos from past ones, and to share your thoughts in the forum. Watch out for almost all biggest festivals around the Europe and rest of the world. At the same time you can read about different civil initiatives; to read articles on such a themes like nature, music, cinema, graphic design and all kind of art and culture.


86b5205900dae14eb4c56106c68373af We are UgaBuga - an open group of artists in all possible and impossible areas, created in 2006. We believe that everything is possible and we make it happen! Art is alive, an interactive process that encompasses all aspects of life's flow. It is on the street and at parties and in nature, among the people, ever changing and transient like all else.

Voxx Sound Laboratory

D2edab62ea8e94911b2b1e876036aa40 Voxx Sound Laboratory
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Ac9d0491df66b7095e57fb49eef394ce Yartz. Youth creative network.
(english translation n/a)