Port One Records

Port-1_vinyl-label_side-a-580x580 A new Bulgarian label for techno and house music has recently been founded by Nikolai Dichev (one of the very few Bulgarian techno artists released on vinyl in the beginning of the century) and Victor Marinov (also known as Victor's Mob, Vataff Project). We are looking forward for many interesting tracks coming from Port One!

[posted on 2013-01-06]

Ambient Nights: Master Margherita Presenting New Chill-Out Album

Flyer_ambient_nights_4 Our last indoor Ambient Night for the season will take place at club Twins, Sofia, on Thursday, April 21st. Our special guest Master Margherita's live act will feature sounds from the upcoming chill-out album titled The Marginal Rules.

[posted on 2011-04-12]

Ambient Nights: Surbahar's Debut Album Release Party

Poster-surbahar Surbahar's debut solo album titled "The Om Remains The Same" is the next release in Chill Om Records' digital catalogue. After he has been featured on the two leading releases on Chill Om Records - Azaad-E and Swaraaj, he is presenting now his first ever full length release.

[posted on 2011-01-24]

Kahvi #300: Altus + Trx / Crossroads

Crossroads_lrg Another release featuring Trx is out on Kahvi - #300 is a co-production with Canadian guest artist Altus.

[posted on 2010-12-22]

Kahvi #295: Trx - Distant Happiness

Happiness_lrg One of the regular Artmospheric guests, Trx, provides four tracks for the latest Kahvi release titled "Distant Happiness".

[posted on 2010-09-06]

Kahvi #288: Polygon Ring - Songs From The Season Labs

Seasons_lrg A new 16-track album by our dear friend Polygon Ring is out on Kahvi...!

[posted on 2010-05-11]

Auditory Ossicles - Oddity

06d8998a7913788757da13621d69c04f An artmospheric jazz trip? Just push play you are there.. A new album from Auditory Ossicles is available for stream and download on soundcloud.

[posted on 2010-02-15]

Kahvi #274: Moodix - Moodiplication

C530c7f4838e2d50c157016421a535b9 A new Bulgarian cup of kahvi - after numerous works of Esem, Sektor, Polygon Ring and DiE released since 2000, now it's time for Moodix and his Moodiplication EP providing 7 wonderful IDM tracks.

[posted on 2009-09-28]

trx - mist chances lp

7037b95008e82f9aa07e311b92e5e3f9 info: Jisatsuken.org
One of Jisatsuken’s most valuable artists - Trx from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, has a new full-time release in our catalogue, called “mist chances” LP. This time Trx is clearing away much of the mist and darkness covering his debut release and reveals many chances as he feels them that the positive side of life will eventually overcome.

[posted on 2009-07-17]

ED006: Kliment - The Perpetual Ritual

9e4e7381f086e630ae8272f9aa2938d5 Electrik Dream are thrilled to present Kliment’s first ambient album, The Perpetual Ritual.
This much praised release is a quest for researching and sending deep messages through music in its many forms and variations.

Creating its own wonderful electronic audio universe with a spice of ethnic and psychedelic influences, this album guides you to both relaxing yet explosive melodic lines, whilst maintaining a warm emotional feel and a floating vibe of ambience.

[posted on 2009-04-11]

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