Space of Joy in Carpathian Mountains

2-9 July, Carpathians, Ukraine

Our festival is a free-running traveling module that hovers over endless universe. Being a pure abstraction it can explore any probability or colour combination.

Our planet barrels in across the space abyss. Look at it spinning around with everything that falls into its force of gravity. Oceans, clouds, mountains, deserts, forests and cities with all the inhabitants perform their easy and yet inconceivable dance. Who we are? Where are we going to? We're looking for the answers in religions, in scientific systems, in social experiments and aggressive atheism. Though we are all connected by unbreakable blood relationship bonds, we can find all these answers only inside our hearts, raising
with our breath the mysterious flower, blossoming out in the middle of our existence. We will find our fern flowers in the green mountain forests of central Europe and will set our cherished wish for the welfare of all the living creatures.

Local magical tradition considers The Carpathians, "lungs of the planet Earth", to be a piece of the Paradise, God's gift to the people who can fully understand the scale and the beauty of the Creation

Magical beings dwell here from time immemorial, and spirits dance here on secret plateaus -- poloninas, bewitched by the sounds of drymbas and trembitas, floating over the mountains...

7 musical days and nights on three stages

Opening on the 2nd of July

July 6-7 -- Ivana Kupailo Night Divo Vision. Full Moon. The main action of the festival

Line Up
Live Dance:

Aavepyora (FIN)

Already Maged (UA)


Gappeq (CZE)

Cifroteca (UA)

Hutti Heitta (NOR)

Kalumet (HUN)

Kliment (BG)

Krussedull (NOR)

Loopus in Fabula (IT)

Ocelot (USA)

Olien (DEU)

Overdream (UA)


Procs (SWE)

Pupilla (HUN)

Red (RUS)

Saikozaurus (UA)

Transdriver (RUS)

Zymosisaka MagmaDivers (UA)

Dj ’s:

Andy (SWE)

Atati (UA)

Diprogate (RUS)

Gavrila (RUS)

Hailisen Lasse (FIN)

Hare (RUS)

HoverFly (UA)

Isotop (UA)

Lopat (RUS)

Oom Razoom (trootootoo) (RUS)

Maks (RUS)

Maks Crystal (RUS)

Petrix (UA)

Psyche (UA)

Psyco Zaika (RUS)

Redjay (CRIM)

Rod'Kaa (RUS)

Roodee (UA)

Soma (CRIM)

Stotyka (CRIM)

Tony Lizard (CRIM)

Yeti (RUS)

Kollega Prul' (UA)

Live Band's:

Ear Drum Kru (SK)

Magical Unicellular Music (BLR)

Tango Tempo (UA)

Live Electronic:

Alexei Pliousnine(RUS)

Atati (UA)

Dunaewsky69 (UA)

Irukanji (UA)

Kalumet in Dub (HUN)

Lamineylf (UA)

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum (RUS)

Olien (DEU)

Molfar (UA)

Mycelium (RUS)

Second Face (Emil Biljarski) (HUN)

SWA (Tat'yana Kalmykova) (RUS)

Surbahar (BG)

Utro-Tra-Tru (RUS)

Vataff Project (BG)


Zymosis (UA)


Adjna (RUS)

Аlex Er ror (UA)

Anime Sola (CRIM)

Binghi (Banda Arkan) (UA)

John budJah (RUS)

Greenoize (RUS)

Gul4atai OpenMind (CRIM)

Inner Voice (RUS)

Kapbuk (RUS)

Oknemi (CRIM)

Ospodi (RUS)

Shaman aka DubMyDub (UA)

Tripaganki (RUS)

Yarash (RUS)

YZ Shroomov (UA)


Anima (HUN)

Divovision TV (UA)

Lahmatui Doktar (CRIM)

Scalemodels (RUS)

Yuri Elik (RUS)


Es4о Аrt Grupp (RUS)

Dimorphic (UA)

Feri (UA)

Flowers of Life (FIN)

Kamakalakali (UA)

Re4niki (RUS)

Studio PsychoPositive Realism (RUS)

Trancecarpathiarts (UA)


Re4niki (RUS)

Laser Baba (RUS)

Henkka (FIN)

......To be continued…

Magical place near a mountain lake at a height of 800 meters above sea, in Carpathian Mountains

Detailed information on the 13th of June


For the full realization of the event we need all the participants’ support in the form of arrangement fee – please take it most consciously. Financial participation of everyone has great influence on the event’s preparations.

You can contribute the arrangement by credit card (Visa/Mastercard)

from 25 May to 5 June — 30 euro

from 6 June to 15 June — 40 euro

from 16 June to 1 July — 50 euro

Make e-payment >>

If you have any questions please connect with us at

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