Water Tower Art Fest 2010 - "Clairvoyance"

This year’s Water tower art fest is going to be from 25th to 30th of June in Sofia in few locations around town.

info: watertowerartfest.com

- The Water Tower , Lozenec, the old bath in Bankya, the ancient arch of Serdika and the tomb of Al. I Battenberg in the center.

- we have invited many international artists working in the contemporary art scene from video installations to performances and experimental films from Sweden, UK, Spain, Turkey, France Armenia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

- we are going to open a debate among municipality representatives, business sector, art organizations and art managers of art residency centers from Europe to discuss possibilities for launching alternative art residency centers in Sofia.

- we organize workshops in many disciplines for young artists

- organized and initiated by NGO IME and friends

We are greatfull to all participants, supporters, volunteers and friends!

more info: